Creative Date Nights at Home
Creative Date Nights at Home

Four Creative Date Nights At Home To Keep Things Hot N’ Spicy With Your Spouse

There is nothing quite like the magical excitement and anticipation of a date night. 

After a week or two of busy schedules, distance learning for your kids, and compacted life responsibilities, date night is almost always a welcomed occurrence.

But what happens when your babysitter cancels, money is tight, or your favorite restaurant is booked for the evening?

Here are four creative date nights at home you can have pull together for a romantic night of fun.

Cooking Class at Home

With access to almost anything at our fingertips through the internet and our local libraries, why not choose a new, delicious recipe to cook together? This date night-in will strengthen your teamwork as you measure ingredients, chop vegetables, and sauté savory sauces. Not only that, it may open a space to laugh as you learn while possibly adding another favorite recipe to your dinner collection. And what is more rewarding than a homemade meal to share with the one you love?

Games and Grub

One of my favorite at-home date nights is when my husband and I order take-out and unleash our competitive side. The afternoon before our game night, I gather a few of our favorite board and card games (Uno and Monopoly are our usual picks), and I grab some small prizes to exchange for a defeated victory. These prizes can be small, such as a bag of your favorite candy or snack, or they can be as exciting as a 30-second kiss. You call the shots! Besides, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember the very first date you had with your husband? Can you recall the sounds and smells of the place where you felt butterflies when you first realized that he was the one? Think back to where you initially met and grab some of the food or drink you shared (ordering take-out or recreating it in your kitchen is fair game!)

Then, as with any first date, pick out the perfect outfit as you dress to impress. And bonus points for compiling the first date get-to-know-you questions to re-discover what made you fall in love in the first place. You may even be asked out for a second date!

Night at the In-Home Movie Theater

Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? The air is filled with the aroma of buttery popcorn and the melodies of arcade games coming from the lobby. You love going to the movies, but why not skip the concessions line, the chatty moviegoers, and save a little money while you’re at it?

Finding a new movie shouldn’t be too difficult with so many streaming services right on your television. So, pop the microwave butter popcorn, grab your favorite movie theater boxed candy, and your cuddle buddy. A movie night at home can be just as exciting and nostalgic!

Dating your significant other doesn’t have to lose its charm and excitement. With so many restaurants, online services, and creativity birthed from the pandemic, there are so many creative date nights at home to choose from! So simply consider what both you and your husband or boyfriend enjoy and get creative. Because making homegrown memories last just as long as those beyond your front door!

For more tips on how to keep your marriage fun, spicy and intentional, check out 9 Ways To Bless Your Man After a Hard Day’s Work.

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