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9 Ways To Bless Your Man After A Hard Day’s Work

Sis, did you know your words and actions have the power to make a man feel like a million bucks? It’s true!

You have the power to bring so much joy to your man’s life. By sprinkling some positivity, appreciation and cater-to-you type activities on your man, you can build him up and encourage him to keep bringing you his best. 

Proverbs 31 says this,

"Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. 12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. - Proverbs 31:11-12 (NIV)

Now, I know our Proverbs 31 sister sounds like she has it all together, but the truth is, we can all embody the qualities of this admirable woman by intentionally finding ways to bless our man. 

Whether your relationship feels like a 10 or a 2 right now, these ways to bless your man will add a new pep to both of your steps. 

Here are 9 ways to bless your man after a hard day’s work. 

Greet Him At the Door

When was the last time you greeted your man at the door? I mean really greeted him? Don’t worry, we won’t judge. This is an easy habit to forget if we’re not intentional about cultivating it. When you greet your man at the door, you’re letting him know that his arrival matters to you. You’re showing him that you’ve missed him and are excited he’s home. The next time your man comes home, run to the door, throw your arms around him and kiss him passionately. You’ll make his day!

Give Him A Back Rub

I don’t know of anyone in their right mind who would turn down a back rub. This nurturing gesture helps release physical tension in your man’s body, and it creates emotional space for him to share anything on his mind. 

Encourage Him To Spend Some Time Decompressing

It can be overwhelming to come home from a hard day’s work and be bombarded with chores, questions, and chatter. You can bless your man by acknowledging the hard day he’s had at work and encouraging him to spend time decompressing. He may want to relax on the couch, spend some time in the garage, or hang out in the kitchen. Whatever he needs, let him be. He’ll appreciate it!

Put On Something He Loves

Menfolk love to see their women looking fine. Treat your man to a visual of you looking and feeling your best. Whether that means wearing lingerie while cooking bacon, or sporting a workout fit that hugs your curves, give him a little something to think about. *wink wink*

Feed Him

Ladies, this may seem old-fashioned. But, it works. Feed your man. Good. We all love to eat well. But, there’s something about a woman cooking specifically for her man that makes him feel seen, loved and special. I once made my husband a gourmet club sandwich for lunch. The gesture nearly brought him to tears (and my husband never really cries!). Seriously ladies, this one means a lot. 

Kiss Him. Like, Really Kiss Him.

A wise woman once gave this marriage advice: never stop kissing. Insightful, huh? Sometimes, the longer we’ve been in a relationship, the less attention we pay to kissing deeply and passionately. We may get comfortable with pecks on the way out the door.

But, the truth is, a good kiss can stop your man in his tracks and change his entire mood. The next time your husband comes home from a hard day’s work, grab him, look into his eyes, and give him your best romantic-comedy-type kiss. Talk about shaking things up!

Affirm Him

We all need words of affirmation. They make us feel bigger, stronger, and appreciated. Your man may be exhausted after a hard day’s work.

Tell him how much you appreciate how hard he works. Tell him you find his work ethic sexy. Tell him you missed him and couldn’t wait for him to get home. Tell him you’re lucky to have such a strong guy. Affirm that man, sis. 

Take Care Of Yourself 

Now, you may be thinking, how does me taking care of myself bless my man? This is how.

When you take care of yourself, you show up differently when you’re with your man. You have more space to focus on and cater to him because you’ve already made sure you’re good. When we as women take care of ourselves, it lightens our relationships and creates space for our men to take care of and cater to us in the ways we want them to. 

Get Some Smells Going

Good smells and scents are an often underutilized way to create a relaxing atmosphere for your man. Our noses are powerful, and smells can stimulate different emotions. For example, the smell of lavender generally triggers relaxation for many people. And, the smell of hot fried chicken can make a man’s mouth water and shoulders shimmy in anticipation. Before your man comes home after a hard day’s work, set some delightful smells in motion. Throw on a perfume he loves and make sure he’s met with a smell that will make him smile or sigh in delight. It’s the little things, right?

We dare you to try blessing your man in one of these ways every day for a whole week. Can you do it? Then, comment below and let us know how it went. You go, sis!

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