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How To Have A More Meaningful Holiday Season This Year

2020, with all of it’s crazy, tragic, beautiful, hopeful glory, is nearing its end. Can you believe it? With everything that’s happened this year, the holiday season is even more of a breath of fresh air than it usually is.

From having to adapt to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, to a tension-filled election, to national and international social unrest, to widespread unemployment, 2020 has had many people holding onto their wigs for dear life.

With all of the challenges this year brought, why not conclude this year with our focus on the light of the world – Jesus Christ?

Why not end the year with the most meaningful holiday season you’ve ever had, even in the midst of uncertainty and change?

Here are 5 powerful ways to have a more meaningful holiday season this year.

Keep Christ at the Center

Christmas decorations are lit. Christmas parties (socially distanced of course) are lit. Gift giving is also lit. But, no matter how lit our Christmas traditions are, nothing is as light-filled, powerful, and life-changing as the light of Christ.

Keeping Christ at the center of the holiday season can be a challenge, especially since many stores push the commercial aspects of the holiday. This holiday season, focus on God’s precious gift to humanity more than 2,000 years ago – the birth of Jesus Christ.

A great place to start is by observing Advent, a season of hope and expectation leading up to the celebration of our Savior’s birth on Christmas Day. You can start small, but make it a point to take time each day to think about the Christmas story that changed the world.

Find Someone To Bless. And Go For It.

Even the best gift in the world (hello all-inclusive spa day gift card😉) does not compare to the joy that comes from giving to others. This holiday season, find someone to bless and get creative about how to blow their mind.

Try leaving an above and beyond tip for the food delivery person pulling up with your Uber Eats. Or, write Christmas cards for the homeless and drop them off at your local homeless shelter.

You can even choose someone in your family who you haven’t connected with in a while to shower with love. Whatever you do, have fun with it! Trust us, the smile your blessing will bring to their face is entirely worth it.

Minimize The Consumerism

We know it’s tempting to spend every day of December at Target shopping for gifts. It’s also equally tempting to hop on every chance you get to snoop on the hot deals.

Shopping is fun, and it’s not an inherently bad thing. However, spending too much time shopping and focusing on purchasing gifts can distract you from the true meaning of Christmas – Christ.

This year, challenge yourself to make at least a few meaningful, homemade gifts. Whip of a batch of chocolate chip cookies (here’s a link to our favorite recipe) and deliver them in containers to friends and neighbors.

Less consuming means means more time for creating! So, get your inner crafting queen on!

Slow Down

Do you remember the phrase, “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses?” This classic saying points to something about human nature – we tend to need a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Sometimes, life feels like it’s moving so fast. We fill our time with work, television, social media, shopping, and so many other things on a daily basis. In doing this, we often miss the “roses” that exist around us every day.

This holiday season, try limiting yourself to one Christmas movie per night. Then, put your phone away during mealtimes and a few hours before bed. Focus on being present. Slow down, sis!

Reconnect with Family and Friends You’ve Lost Touch With

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to reach out to people you haven’t talked to in a while. Create a cute text message and send it to all of the friends you’ve been missing. Call your great Aunt Bertha, and reach out to your cousin who lives across the country. This time of year reminds us of who and what is most important. Now, get to moving through your contact list ✨

You can have an incredibly meaningful holiday season this year. Hold onto Christ and approach this time with childlike joy. Comment below if you’re with us!

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