Black Fitness YouTubers
Incredible Black fitness YouTuber, Toni Mitchell.

8 Black Fitness YouTubers That Will Help You Get and Stay Snatched

Representation matters. That’s why we’re excited to highlight these 7 Black fitness YouTubers that have been killing the game. They’re strong. They’re gorgeous. They’re everything you need to get motivated to work out. Take a look. 

Simeon Panda 

Simeon Panda is one of the most “ripped” people I’ve ever seen. Seriously. You can see pretty much every single muscle on his body. He’s been dominating the YouTube fitness game since 2006 and has more than 2.1M subscribers. 

But, don’t be intimidated by his body-building physique. His workouts are beginner-friendly, and he demonstrates low-impact versions of exercises in his workouts as well. Plus, he’s got a pretty great accent that is sure to keep you engaged. 😉

Toni Mitchell 

Toni Mitchell is drop dead gorgeous and sooooo fit. The Lord knows I have to be sure not to let the spirit of envy invade my space when I do her workout videos because she’s so fabulous. 

With more than 230,000 subscribers, Toni shares easy-to-follow workout videos and tips she’s learned on her health journey as a vegan. I 10/10 recommend! 


Kukuwa Fitness 

Kukuwa Fitness is an African Dance workout that will have you breaking a sweat in just minutes! The women leading the workouts are so encouraging and have so much energy. 

All you need is a mat and your body to complete these high impact, cardio workouts. If you’re looking for a safe space to move your boombsey® (the channel’s way of saying shake your tail feather!), this is the channel for you. 


Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe is a Black fitness YouTuber who is #fitnessgoals. She is absolutely gorgeous and never fails to motivate me to prioritize strength training. 

Her channel features workout routines, recipes, fitness tips, and so much more! 

Obi Vincent 

Obi Vincent is a UK-based, Black fitness YouTuber specializing in weight training. He’s an avid CrossFit and bodybuilding enthusiast, so his workouts are sure to challenge and shock your body in the best way. 

If you’re looking for strength training workouts you can take to the gym, Obi is your guy. 


Growwithjo is a Toronto-based fitness YouTuber with incredible content. She has easy-to-follow workouts that target different areas of the body. 

 She also has a fun, bubbly personality that will keep you motivated throughout her workouts. 

Janekate Fitness

Janekate Fitness is an awesome YouTube channel for people of all fitness levels! The channel features home workouts, gym workouts, and fitness related activities to inspire you to get up and get moving! 


Mr and Mrs Muscle

Mr and Mrs Muscle is a fitness power couple on YouTube. They create short, powerful, highly metabolic workouts for anyone looking to get in shape. Seriously, these two will get you right. Plus, they’re gorgeous and so encouraging. Check out Viv and Mike the next time you want to break a sweat.


Ready to get your sweat on? Share which of these black fitness YouTubers you’re planning on getting started with in the comments below.

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