Getting Through A Breakup

Getting Through A Breakup: Turn Your Breakup Salt Into Sugar With These Sure-fire Tips

Getting through a breakup is hard. Why? Because breakups suck. Period. 

Letting go of someone you’ve been connected to emotionally, and perhaps physically, is bound to come with pain. 

Whether or not you recognize it in the moment, breakups signify both an end and a new beginning. 

When you’re walking into a new season, the last thing you want to do is bring negativity, drama or bitterness with you.

As tough as breakups are, it is possible to come out of your breakup better, and not bitter. 

It takes intention, time, work, community, and a whole lot of leaning on God. Here are 6 sure-fire ways to get through a breakup and emerge with your wig, emotions and dignity intact.

1. Do What You Need to Do to End on a Positive Note 

Not every breakup ends cordially or on a positive note. Perhaps cheating was involved. Or, perhaps hurtful things were said. 

Whatever the case, do what you need to do to end things as positively as you can. If the original breakup conversation didn’t end on a great note, send a text. Make that phone call.

Even if you still feel salty, sprinkle some sugar on that wound. You’ll be better for it, and it will set you up for healthy closure. 

2. Focus on Your Friendships

When you’re coming out of a relationship, it’s important to prioritize spending time with friends. 

Call up your girlfriends and hit the town. Reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while. Prioritize having fun and making new memories with your pals. 

Investing in your friendships will remind you that even without a relationship, there is still so much love in your life. 

3. Get A Teddy Bear to Snuggle With 

If you’d gotten used to sleeping with your boo (no judgment here!), sleeping alone can be … well, an adjustment. 

Sis, get you a teddy bear to snuggle with! Seriously. Who says teddy bears are only for little kids? Not I. 

Snag a giant one (Costco sells giant ones), or get a smaller sized one to sleep on the pillow next to you. 

Having a teddy bear to snuggle with will help ease you back into sleeping alone. Plus, looking at its cute, little (or big) face is sure to bring a smile to yours.

4. Honor Your Emotions. It’s Okay To Feel. 

Sometimes, there’s so much pressure to feel “okay” after a breakup. But, in many situations, that’s not the case. 

You may feel broken. Depressed, even. You may feel devastated, or overwhelmingly sad. These emotions are normal and it’s okay to honor them by allowing yourself to feel them. 

When you’re feeling sad, try journaling. When you’re feeling depressed, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a good therapist to help you recover. 

You can and will recover. 

But, know that the process isn’t always immediate. You may not feel okay right now. But, you will feel okay again. You will. 

5. Pray for Your Ex 

Whooo Lawd. I’m preaching to myself with this one. Praying for your ex is a great way to prioritize healing and can signify that you’re in a good place post-breakup.

When you’re holding onto blame, bitterness, or resentment, it’s going to be hard to pray for your ex. 

But, God’s word calls us to pray for our enemies and for those who spitefully use us. That’s a word right there.

Pray for them to draw near to God. Pray for them to find peace, joy and forgiveness. Pray for them to be blessed. 

Praying for your ex will help you come into healing, forgiveness and freedom. Do it.

6. Do Something That Makes You Feel Cute

Sometimes, breakups can have you feeling down, crusty, and not cute. 

The season following a breakup is the perfect time to glow up. Try out that new hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try. Get your nails done. Purchase a new outfit that makes you feel drop dead gorgeous. 

It’ll give you a confidence boost, remind you that you’re still fabulous, and get your mind off of the breakup. 

Happy healing beauties! 

Going through a breakup? You’re not alone. Drop what you’re doing to break through the breakup blues in the comments below. If you see a comment, show your sis some love and support! We ladies have to stick together. 

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