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9 Black-Owned, Christian Fashion Brands That Are Killing The Game

Who says God doesn’t care about fashion? Not these dope Christian fashion brands. 

They’re using their incredible talent and a hefty dose of swag to design epic fashion pieces that lift the name of God high. Talk about bringing God glory and bringing the gospel to a generation in a fun, fresh way! 

Seriously, this fashion is fireeeeee. Scroll through to learn more about these powerful, Christian fashion brands.

Christian fashion brands you’ll absolutely love

1. Beacon Threads 

Beacon Threads is a faith-based streetwear apparel line owned and created by husband and wife team Brandon and Anita DeLoach. 

They went from working for the federal government full time and running a kid’s clothing brand on the side, to running and designing this incredible fashion brand. 

Their trendy T-shirts, hats, leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts and mugs are sure to turn heads with their powerful messages. 

Child Of God. Walk By Faith. Trust God + Chill. I mean, how cute are those?

2. God Is Dope 

You can’t help but take a second look when you see someone in a God Is Dope T-shirt. The statement couldn’t be more true. God really IS dope. 

This Altanta-based Christian lifestyle brand is on a mission to bring awareness to God in their own way through fashion. 

They also use their platform to bring awareness to important issues affecting the Black community, and unapologetically honor Black culture through Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth collections. 

3. Girl Plus God 

Girl + God is a Christian apparel brand and community for women. Owned by boss woman Krystal Lee, Girl + God helps Christian women live on purpose through fashion, inspiration, and resources. So cool, right? 

The brand also has a program for helping entrepreneurial Christian women take full control of their purpose, money and life. 

4. Ven & Rose

Ven & Rose is a faith-based fashion boutique owned and created by Vashti. The boutique’s mission is to provide high quality, faith-based and inspirational products to uplift, encourage and inspire women on life’s journey.

The designs are so cute, and feature phrases such as “Jesus Fixed It, Ya’ll!” and “About That Faith Life.” 

5. Jesus Be Knowin’

Jesus Be Knowin’ is a lifestyle and apparel brand that has Jesus on the mainline. 

Owned by Sommar Theodore, the brand serves those who have a heart for Jesus and a love for community. 

It sells fashionable, brightly colored t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories that are PERFECT for the fashionista in your life. 

6. ILJ (I Love Jesus)

I Love Jesus is a Christian products and apparel brand that’s passionate about lifting Jesus’ name high and starting conversations about him.

The company’s mission is to unite the body of Christ. They sell fashionable purses, T-shirts and other types of apparel that will have you looking fly in the name of our good Lord. 

7. JE Online

JE Online is a Black Owned Christian fashion brand with a mission to encourage and empower people to put all of their trust in Jesus Christ. The brand sells T-shirts for men and women, natural body oil fragrances and bags. 

We’re encouraged just looking at their T-shirt designs. Aren’t you?

8. Love, God

Love, God is simply killing the game. With a mission to spread the Gospel and act as a love letter from God to his people, Love, God’s apparel and lifestyle brand is hip, colorful, and full of life.

From stylish cropped hoodies, to chic T-shirts and hats, Love, God’s apparel is perfect for the fashionable person of faith who wants to spread the word about God’s love and look good doing it. 

9. Equris Clothing

Equris Clothing is all about getting as close to the Son – Jesus Christ – as possible. The brand’s name is a play on Icarus, a character from a Greek myth who wears wings of feathers and wax to escape from Crete but fails because he flies too close to the literal sun (which melts the wax holding his wings together).

Equris Clothing sells two piece streetwear sets, T-shirts, accessories, shoes, and so much more. If you love bold fashion, check them out. This Christian fashion brand is fly, fly, flyyyyyyy. 

Do you have any other Black Owned Christian apparel brands you love? Shout them out in the comments below! Then, while you’re at it, peep these black Christian lifestyle YouTubers you need to follow.

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