How To Protect Your Peace

How To Protect Your Peace (From Worry, Stress, Dread, And Frustration)

Deleting phone numbers. Distancing yourself from that group of friends that always seems to be knee deep in drama.

Choosing not to cop an attitude with the cashier who served you major attitude. Taking breaks from social media.

These are the things we do in the name of protecting our peace. 

But, what does protecting our peace ACTUALLY mean?

Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize

It’s not about pettiness. It’s not about avoiding conflict at all costs, either. 

It’s about maintaining a healthy, heavenly perspective, and keeping your eye on the prize so you don’t get caught up in things that aren’t worth your energy.

After all, nobody has time to be dragged down by negativity.

Peace looks good on everyone. I’m convinced that it’s the real secret behind that “from the inside out glow” some women seem to have. 

Peace protection is an art, not a science. Luckily, I am an artist and with some help from the good ol’ Holy Spirit, I’ve been learning how to protect my peace from worry, stress, dread and frustration, God’s way. 

If you’re wondering how to protect your peace, I’ve got your answer. Here are 5 ways to effectively protect your peace. 

1. Stay Connected To The Ultimate Peace Giver (Spoiler Alert: It’s God!)

Before you can truly protect your peace, you’ve got to know where it comes from. Simply put, peace comes from knowing and trusting God. 

It comes from knowing that no matter what happens, or what the day brings, God’s got you.

It comes from knowing he’s got the whole world in his hands. It comes from knowing that he’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

THAT’s peace. 

Peace says that, come hell or high water I’m going to swim to the shore and look darn good doing it in this bikini because I know God’s given me the strength to do so. 

When we talk about protecting our peace, this is the peace we need to protect. We protect it by staying connected to God and seeking him. This allows us to keep a heavenly perspective and operate with both wisdom and discernment.

2. Intentionally Think About Good Things 

There are SO many things to think about. From what to wear, to what people across the world are doing, to how you’re going to make it through a season of unemployment. 

To protect your peace, choose to intentionally think about good things. I’m convinced that people are not born either a positive or a negative thinker. Positivity is an art that can be cultivated through practice. Ultimately, it is also a choice.  

I’m not saying you should never think about the hard things in life, or reflect on the devastating things that happen in our world each day.

I am saying that when you feed your mind good food by thinking about good things, you’ll have the emotional capacity to hold space for the tough things and brainstorm innovative solutions based in hope. 

 3. Minimize The Volume of the Voices of the Naysayers 

Turn the volume of negativity from naysayers down lowwww. In life, there will always be naysayers. But, shimmy off that negativity by limiting their access to your plans, thoughts and emotions. 

This can look like muting or unfollowing people on social media, finding a different crowd to hang out with who will speak life into you, or not sharing information about your hopes, dreams and plans with people who can’t hold space for you. 

However you do it, minimizing the voices of the naysayers and ignoring their negative ways is a surefire way to stay in peace as you move in purpose. 

4. Remember Who You Are 

Do you remember that scene in Black Panther, when T’Challa’s mom, Queen Ramonda, yelled “Remember Who You Are” as he was fighting for the throne? That was a MOMENT.

That phrase fired T’Challa up and got him fighting like the king and the warrior he truly was inside. 

When you need some of that energy, remember who you are. You are brilliant. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are capable. When someone or something threatens to disturb your peace, remember who you are, God’s beloved daughter, and hold onto that truth.

5. Do Your Best To Be At Peace with Everyone You Can 

This one is important. If you have drama with everyone on the block, it’s going to be difficult to protect your peace. So, slide into the DM’s of the people you need to. Call up the people you need to and make peace. Life’s too short to hold onto bitterness or beef. Let it go. Then, let the peace flow. 

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